DASHBOARD is a new product from redbox.

With DASHBOARD, we design, build and maintain a secure, bespoke site for you to manage your in-house information. DASHBOARD is securely hosted online for maximum flexibility and accessibility.

An intranet is a important business tool. It works like an internet site but rather than being a public resource, it is an in-house resource accessible via login to staff members only.

The goals of an intranet are to simplify business tasks and processes, make it easier for staff to access information they need to complete tasks and to create a central place of reference for all in-house activities and happenings.

A well designed intranet can help bring a company together both professionally and socially. It helps staff members connect and collaborate with colleagues and let individuals find out more about what’s going on in their company.

DASHBOARD sites are Cloud based [ IBM Cloud or Linode ] running securely under a free, self-renewing SSL certificate as https.

The systems are managed with the MODX Revolution content management system, maintained and updated by redbox for the lifetime of the DASHBOARD Instance.

Features and Options





Productivity Tools




Individual User features

Administrator / IT features

User Interface

DASHBOARD uses a dynamic menu structure and boxes to contain different types of data.

The main UI interface of DASHBOARD is a series of responsive boxes that resize within a responsive grid framework to display information across a wide selection of devices.

This creates a consistent, cohesive look and feel, with form following function based on how your intranet will deliver your content to your staff members, and make it somewhere staff will want to come back to again and again.

There is scope within each DASHBOARD project to customise the look of the interface to tie-in or harmonise with your current online presence.

The same quality, care and attention to detail are applied to DASHBOARD as they are to every redbox project.

  Please contact us here for any questions or to discuss DASHBOARD.

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